Capabilities Statement

DC Private Investigations and Security Consultants uphold the standards of competence, honesty, and integrity by selecting the best candidates based upon experience, quality of character, and customer service.

DC Private Investigations and Security Consultants is committed to conducting every case under the statutes of best practices that exist within the private and legal investigations industry. By partnering with our knowledgeable law enforcement specialist, we can provide additional training and credibility for staff and management teams at Local, State, and Federal levels.

What sets DC Private Investigations and Security Consultants apart?

Our business has one distinct goal: to solve YOUR problem.

  • 20+ Years Of Experience

All security operators are former law enforcement or military and trained by our esteemed instructors.

  • Elite Training

Each operator is trained in local, state, and federal laws in the areas of arrest, discharge, and firearms use.

Our services include:


Dan Corsentino holds a Master’s Degree in Public Administration and a Bachelor’s Degree in Political Science from the University of Colorado, and he completed the National Federal Bureau of Investigation Law Enforcement Executive Development Seminar in Quantico, Virginia (LEEDS Program 39th Session). He is a graduate of Harvard University’s John F. Kennedy School of Government Senior Executive Management Program, the prestigious National FBI Academy (172nd session) in Quantico, Virginia, and of the School of Police Staff and Command Northwestern University Traffic Institute in Chicago, Illinois.


  • First Vice President of the National Sheriff’s Association (NSA)
  • Served on numerous committees with the National Sheriffs’ Association, such as the Congressional Affairs Committee, the Ethics Committee, the Constitution and By-Laws Committee, and the Chairman of the Native American Indian Affairs Committee
  • Appointed as a senior member of the National Homeland Security Advisory Council’s First Responder Emergency Response Senior Advisory Committee (ERSAC) by former Secretary of Homeland Security, Michael Chertoff
  • Executive Director of Security for Specialized Airborne Law Enforcement Nationwide
  • Subject matter expert in key cases involving law enforcement administration, policies and procedures, excessive use of force, public safety issues, and proper procedures in a correctional setting, and private security performance
  • Non-Uniformed Officer of the Year by the Southeastern Colorado Law Enforcement Association
  • J. Raigoza Community Service Award for distinguished service promoting a healthy lifestyle to the youth of Pueblo, Colorado
  • Gates Family Foundation Fellowship award for outstanding government officials
  • Nominee for the Ferris E. Lucas Award, the most prestigious award offered by the National Sheriffs’ Association
  • Member International Association of Chiefs of Police
  • Police Executive Research Forums