Active Shooter & Hostage Scenario Training

An active armed intruder can happen anywhere. In the last year we’ve seen them in workplaces, schools, shopping centers and even on the streets. How can you be prepared to deal with these situations ?
DC Investigation & Security has developed an active armed intruder training course that helps prepare you and your employees for disaster.

According to FEMA an active shooter is an individual killing or attempting to kill people in a confined and populated area. Typically, there is no pattern in the selection of victims but common motives include, anger, revenge, ideology and untreated mental illness.
DC Investigations has developed a real time role play that not only instructs you and your employees on what to do but provides a real life mindset by hiring actors and using real weapons with blank rounds to retreat a active intruder environment. the purpose of this is to prepare each individual for not just the physical shock of an event like this but the emotional one.

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