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See why thousands of people world wide turn to Dan Corsentino for their private and investigative security needs.
Dan Corsentino

Dan Corsentino Private & Investigative Security Consultants


Security Services We Provide

Dan Corsentino provides comprehensive investigative services and tailored security solutions to safeguard what matters most.

World Class Security

Our business has one distinct goal: to solve YOUR problem. We undertake our investigations with the utmost Professionalism, Confidentiality, and Ethics. Every case will be conducted under the statutes of best practices that exist within the private and legal investigations industry.

By partnering with our knowledgeable law enforcement specialist, we can provide additional training and credibility for your staff and management team.

Why Choose DC Investigations?

A former Police Chief and four-term publicly-elected Sheriff, Dan Corsentino has provided experience, knowledge, and leadership to Colorado for more than twenty years. As Sheriff, Dan was responsible for a 300-member law enforcement agency with a $20 million annual budget. As Chief of Police in Fountain, Colorado, he worked diligently to advance the organization toward best Police practices at a national level.

Now in security service, Dan Corsentino continues to uphold these standards by selecting the best candidates based upon Experience, Quality of Character, and Customer Service.

Professional Conduct

All DC Private Investigations and Security Consultants employees are Professional, Courteous, and Responsible.

Customer Relations

We believe that Competence, Honesty, and Integrity are key to providing the best service.

20+ Years Of Experience

All security operators are former law enforcement or military and trained by our esteemed instructors.

Elite Training

Each operator is trained in local, state, and federal laws in the areas of arrest, discharge, and firearms use.

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