Armed & Unarmed Site Security

Security at DC Investigations & Security has One Mission: To protect you, your customers, your property and your employees
We Provide a secure environment with an emphasis on Customer Service. We choose the best candidates for our service. whether it is retail loss prevention or executive security we want you to feel protected and comfortable in your daily tasks.

All Operators are trained and instructed in:


All DC Investigations & Security employees are Professional, Courteous, and Responsible


We believe that Competence, Honesty, and Integrity are key to providing the best service.

Customer Relations

All security operators are former law enforcement or military and trained by our instructors.


Each operator is trained in local, state and federal laws in the areas of arrest, discharge of firearms, use of physical force and other applicable law to ensure any action taken is lawful and ethical. In addition to this training each candidate is also weapons qualified during our training course.

DC Investigations & Security can provide armed and unarmed security for almost any event. A few include:

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